Cybersecurity consulting services

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BMK Cybersecurity

Security engineering and architecture

When your company needs an extra pair of hands for building a security toolset and making critical decisions regarding security. Solutions tailored to your needs We listen to you and your needs first before making any business decision. Then, we find the best solution in collaboration with you, keeping the costs minimized. Implementation After making the decision, we implement the selected ...

Network and Cloud Monitoring

When your company needs to be on top of things and mitigate the impact of a cyber attack. Choosing the right monitoring solution We discuss what you want to monitor and how we can monitor it the best. Planning is a crucial step in monitoring & alerting as slight mistakes can cause missed assets, false positives and potential disruption. Identifying vulnerabilities Running a full scan on...

Risk assessment and management

When your company needs to assess, manage and mitigate the exposure to cyber risks. Asset management The most important step in risk assessment is to identify what assets your business holds. As you will not be able to protect the assets you don’t know you own, we first discuss the options for asset management. Risk assessment After the crucial step of asset identification and management, w...

Free, Open Source Tooling logo

Free, Open Source Tooling

We are aware that security is a costly matter. Therefore, we use as much open-source tooling as possible to keep your costs minimized while meeting your needs.
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Stress-free setup

After the decision about tooling, we help setup everything from scratch to get you up and running a secure business. Our post-implementation support services are there for you in case you face any issues further down the way.
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Giving back to the community

We give a portion of our income to the developers of these open-source tools as donations to show our gratitude and help them maintain their tool.